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Turn Your Furry Friend into a Model Companion

“My dog just doesn’t listen”

You're at your wit's end. Commands go in one ear and out the other, walks are chaotic, and you might even have second thoughts about dog ownership.

• jumping, barking, and destructive behavior
• second thoughts about dog ownership
• embarrassed in public or around guests

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Custom board & train packages are the answer

Improved Behavior
Significant improvements in obedience and overall behavior, making both of your lives more enjoyable.
Deeper Bond
A deeper, more meaningful relationship between you and your dog, based on mutual understanding and respect.
Specialized Training
Custom training for unique behavioral challenges, fostering well-rounded, confident, and happy dogs.
3 Simple Steps!

How Board & Train Works

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Step 1: Click "call for an appointment"

Simply click "Call for an Appointment" to start a conversation about your dog's future.

Step 2: You relax, we train

While you enjoy some well-deserved relaxation, we train your dog. Using the strategies we talked about in the appointment that fit their unique needs and personality.

Step 3: A great life with an even better dog

Conclude the training experience with a transformed pet, ready to enjoy a great life alongside you, their loving and proud owner.

Real Numbers, Real Results


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As a current puppy mom of 4, I know exactly how hard it can be

Hello, I'm Brittany Bertoli, certified by the Animal Behavior College since 2014 and equipped with a year's experience as a Vet Assistant, I've had the joy of shaping the lives of over 700 dogs in my first eight years. The journey to "Love Your Dog Always" starts here, with a shared vision and a promise: to guide you every step of the way in understanding, training, and loving your dog. Let's embark on this journey together – I can't wait to meet you and your pup, and to be a part of the beautiful bond you're about to create.


Packages for Every Dog

Leash Leader Express

Duration: 2-weeks
Focus: Leash walking commands.
Accommodation: Large suite at our training facility.
Training: Emphasis on leash etiquette and control.
*Follow-up sessions available for owners.


Pawsitive Foundations

Duration: 3-week comprehensive training course.
Basic Commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, No Jump, and Leash Walking.
Accommodation: Large Suite at our training facility.
Training: Covers all essential obedience commands.
*Follow-up sessions available for owners.


Pooch Prodigy

Duration: 4-week advanced training program.
Focus: Basic commands plus advanced skills like Out, Up, Off, Place, and Drop It.
Accommodation: Large suite at our training facility.
Training: Tailored for dogs ready for higher-level obedience and skills.
*Follow-up sessions available for owners.


Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my puppy have to be to start training?


10 weeks old is a great age to start!


Can you certify my dog as a therapy dog?


In the future I plan on being able to offer that certification, but for now, I would ask your vet for a recommendation.


Is my dog too old to be trained?


I have trained with puppies from 10 weeks old to seniors who were 10 years old. If they are motivated by food, toys, or praise then I can train them!


What if my dog is aggressive?


Sometimes aggressive dogs are just super anxious. I can help in most cases with anxious dogs. Let’s have a conversation to see if I can help.


What breeds do you train?


I train with all breeds.


Can you potty train my dog?


During training, we get the dog started on kennel training, but do not guarantee it to be kennel or house-trained. We give free advice after training to continue potty training at home. Potty training can often take weeks or months and is most effective in the home it resides in.


What people say about us

Angela Russell

Had a dumped puppy I rescued n was having issues with him being destructive n was killing my ❤️.  2 weeks dumped puppy is DOING GREAT🤗highly recommend her !!! Forever in debt to her for the help😍

Mae's Events

My baby dog daughter graduated today!! Missed this little pumpkin!! What a difference training makes. Brittany and her staff are so amazingly awesome!! Dog love everywhere!! 🐾🐾🐾

Karla Caperton

Brittany was wonderful with our very “unsociable and scaredy-cat” dog.I was so stressed out leaving him but Brittany got him out of the car and was walking with him within minutes. Bodie learned all of the basic commands during training.

Lindsay Martz

Brittany was amazing with our German short hair puppy.  She went from almost un-walkable to being perfect on a leash.  We loved getting to visit during our 3 week program and seeing pictures and videos of progress.

Cristina Contreras

Ms. Brittany took good care of my pupp Phoenix for 3 weeks. We did the boarding and training and I’m very pleased. Totally worth it, she learned various obedience commands and learned how to walk on a leash. Super professional and caring staff.

Victor Deaton

Our boy Murphy has been home for two weeks after spending a three week board and train at Love Me Always Dog Training. My wife and I can honestly say that our baby is doing much better!